Rouge Bar

7 Ave, Prince Arthur St W, Montreal, Quebec H2X 1S4

Le Rouge Bar is located right in the heart of the action in downtown Montreal. Being on 7 Ave, Prince Arthur St W, Montreal, QC, it is perfectly located in the heart of the “new” Montreal nightlife on the St-Laurent Blvd. Having two floors with two different atmospheres, one being a more laid-back vibe with good house and Hip-Hop beats catering to an older crowd on the first floor, whereas the second floor is mainly Latin and EDM with an emphasis on the younger clientele, bringing out that jumping around energy you so desperately crave when going out. All in all, Both floors offer their own specialties for their own niche crowds.


First floor

The first floor or “rez de chausse” being that of a cozy and welcoming environment with great LED light shows rom the window inlays and the ceiling mounted lasers. Not only that, but when these are paired with DJs like @danyd, you’re guaranteed to have a night that will be in your memories for a lifetime! Following this great ambiance, is the great selection of both main bars on this floor, both of which offer a 360’ view/access to them, so wherever you are, you’re not far away from ordering your favorite shots for you and all your friends.


Second Floor

As for the second floor, it’s special characteristic is that of the LED light grid which brings an “awe” inspiring effect when you witness it yourself for the first time and how it interacts with the music. Not only this, but the staff’s constant attention to detail and generous hospitality towards everyone creates the perfect atmosphere to have fun all while feeling at “home” not so far from “home” with a special touch from the Montreal scene of course!


Finally, when both floors come together accompanied by good music, attentive employees, affordable prices and a fiery clientele, Rouge Bar is nothing short of being one of Montreal’s best nightclubs to visit!