École Privée

1 Rue Milton, Montréal, QC H2X 1V1

The Launch

Since opening in 2015, Ecole Privée has revolutionized the Montreal club scene entirely, and that’s because it was designed to do so from the very beginning. Brooke Walsh and Zach Macklovitch had this idea to “create a pure nightclub in Montreal”. This idea stemmed from the from their observation regarding the lack of traditional nightclubs on the East Coast of our country. Therefore, back in 2015, this meant go-time for their new ambitious project nicknamed “Ecole Privée”


The Music

Ecole Privée hosts artists from all 4 corners of the world including Flipp Dinero, Heron Preston, A-Trak and even influencers like the Nelk Boys. However, when these wild nights are put on, you need to both feel and hear the music in a way that makes you part of it. That’s where their one of a kind custom tailored Funktion-One Sound System comes into play. Being installed in the top 10 best nightclubs throughout the world, these sound systems are nothing to shy away from, especially when Ecole Privée is hosting an after-party with live performers. The experience is nothing short of breathtaking as the bass pounds on your chest but keeping that clarity for vocals.

Their regular nights are normally from Thursday to Sunday, however this schedule can vary, so stay up to date! Thursday nights are mostly reserved for some proper house music to be enjoyed on “the worlds best sound system”. Whereas Fridays and Saturdays are usually Hip-Hop with top chart bangers you’ll love to sing along to. Sunday nights are a mix of both Hip-Hop and House, a place to come for a drink at the bar or ball out and get table service. Whatever you want, they can accommodate.

This small but cozy nightclub tucked away on the unmarked corner of Blvd St-Laurent and Milton gives some speakeasy vibes from the outside until you walk in and witness a “pure nightclub”.