Don B Comber

3616 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal, Quebec H2X 2V4

Their Origins

Don B Comber was founded in 2015 with a unique vibe, which comes from the legend’s vision, Ernest R. Beaumont Gantt also known as ‘Don the Beachcomber’. This man lived on the beautiful pacific islands. He was an avid traveler and also an alcohol dealer during the prohibition of 1920-1930s. He then decided to combine his two passions, rum based cocktails and tropical vibes which led him to open his first tiki bar in Hollywood in 1930. Today, the Don B Comber is proud to honor his memory by offering you a place that brings people together and that makes you travel to a new destination within Montreal with its three distinct rooms in one.


Club Layout

This unique spot in Montreal has three different floors with modern tropical ambiances, so you would certainly find the shoe to your foot. Their second floor is probably the best heated terrace you will find on the island of Montreal, even during winter! As for the third floor, which opened in 2018, it will transport you to another world due to it’s fancy light shows that go hand in hand with House Music. Lastly, the first floor being the oldest one of the three, offers a small but energetic ambiance to both have a drink with friends or jam out with bottle service when you have Nick Robidoux and Michael Louis on the decks.


The Experience

Being opened from Tuesday to Saturday, you’re welcomed to come experience the Don B Comber and most importantly of all, create memories to last a lifetime with those you cherish the most, one of “Don the Beachcomber’s” main objectives. One thing is for sure, once you come to Don B Comber, regardless if you’re from Montreal or not, you’ll question yourself as to why you never visited this spot earlier! Dynamic ambiances, multiple rooms, exceptional DJs are all the perfect recipe for a wonderful night.