The Experience

V.I.P Montreal, the one stop destination everything Montreal and night life related. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best experience, with a focus on: honesty, unforgettable memories and uniqueness. We don’t do touristic tours or anything of that nature. We bring you along to discover the beauty that lies within our city, away from the overcrowded touristic sectors and instead, get an insiders view with locals.


Our Story

It all began when we were foreigners in the city of Toronto. We had no one to refer to whether it be for restaurant bookings within the little corners of the city, reservations for a night out in the red-light district, table service for some of the city’s best nightclubs or simply a local bar with a cozy ambiance. This struggle and frustration we faced during that evening of scrambling around is what pushed us to use our expertise in the hospitality industry here in the city of Montreal; to create the one stop destination where we facilitate, simplify and organize your outing from A to Z. Whether it be a single night out or a two-week long vacation, from the Old Port to Downtown, the Gay Village, or simply looking for things to do in Montreal this weekend, we’ve got you covered.


Montreal is known worldwide as being the party capital of the province of Quebec, furthermore, the party capital of the country. But we aren’t just known for that. From the classic delicacies like our Poutine that can be found in local canteens to high-end curated locations like The Farsides which offer a perfect blend of Thai and Hawaiian cuisine to form elegant dishes like their “Drunken Lobster Pad Thai”. Or The Old Port Steakhouse with their “Canadian AAA Aged beef Filet Mignon Center-Cut 8oz”, the city has plenty to offer even for those with curious appetites. Not only that, but there is an abundance of architectural marvels that are “must see” all over the city like the Notre-Dame Basilica, Habitat 67, Quartier des spectacles and of course the Gilles Villeneuve circuit; of which Montreal doesn’t host the F1 Grand Prix every year for no reason.


We are thrilled to be a part of your unique adventure and can’t wait to make your visit unforgettable!